Innovative Safety


Committed to an even safer future.

We invest heavily into research and testing to keep improving all our models’ safety performance.


Making driving safer every day.

Hyundai leads the field with its innovative Driver Assist Systems and broad safety features in each car. Our researchers constantly look for new innovations that make driving safer. Here are some of their most recent findings.

Blind-Spot View Monitor.

When a turn signal is used, the view of that side of your Hyundai is shown in the centre cluster for top visibility and zero blind spots.

Safe Exit Assist.

Detects vehicles approaching from behind, warns you and temporarily locks first and second-row doors, so passengers can only exit when it is safe.

Rear Occupant Alert.

Using ultrasonic sensors, the system ensures nobody gets left behind: When you exit the vehicle and there's activity detected on the rear seats, an in-dash message appears. If it detects movement after exiting, it will honk the horn, flash the lights and send an alert to your smartphone.

Row Centre Side Airbag.

This innovative airbag debuted in the new Tuscon and prevents front row passengers from colliding with one another in the case of a collision, thereby effectively minimising the risk of injury.

Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist-Lane-Change Oncoming.

When overtaking on a two lane road, FCA automatically assists with avoidance steering if there is a risk of collision with an oncoming vehicle.

Rigorous testing.

Each Hyundai undergoes extensive, standardised crash tests to ensure the occupants of each vehicle remain protected in the case of a collision.

A commitment to transparency.

Don’t just take our word for it. Hyundai’s vehicles are regularly reviewed and tested by independent organisations to verify their safety credentials.


Hyundai’s vehicle regularly receive the highest ratings from the independent vehicle assessment organisation Euro NCAP.


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