Hyundai Live Services.

Get there faster and with ease.

Combined with Connected Routing, a Hyundai’s Live Services subscription will level up your navigation game. Find filling stations, and know how much you'll pay. Navigate to your destination, and find available parking. Yes, there's live traffic and weather information, too.

Connected Routing.

Your route is calculated by a powerful server inside the Bluelink cloud, rather than by the device in your car. Combined with live traffic info, it gets you there faster and calmer.

Speed camera alert.

If it's allowed in your country, you can receive alerts for both fixed and mobile speed cameras. So you can focus on a safe, confident and relaxing drive.

Filling and charging stations.

Of course, you can find filling or charging stations on your route. Also, compare fuel prices in real-time or see how many charging stations are currently available.

Weather forecast.

Know if you might need your windshield wipers: on-map weather information for your location, your destination, or your favourite city. 

Available on- and off-street parking.

Did you ever think parking could become efficient and stress-free? Now it is. Find and compare real-time parking options close to where you want to go.

Points of Interest.

Restaurants, pharmacies, Hyundai dealerships: locate places around you and tap to navigate. The search covers 11 million places in over 500 categories.

Free-text search.

Type in any address or category and the system will find your destination.

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